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About Carol Banawa

Carol Claire Aguilar Banawa (born March 4, 1981, in Pasay City, Philippines), better known in the Philippines as Carol Banawa, is a Filipina singer and actress. She was born in Pasay City to Albino and Cirila Banawa. She has two siblings, Alexander and Cherry. She was raised in Batangas. Self-confessed as an "ugly-duckling," Carol dreamt of having a musical career at a very young age. Having a thought that her dream would never come true, her family chose to believe in her drive for success. Carol entered a junior beauty pageant during the late 1980's when she was eight years old. this was the start of her

path to stardom. She was eventually invited to join the new roster of ABS-CBN stars through the children oriented show "Ang TV" and became a famous music star in the Philippine music mainstream.


Carol started to sing when she was just a little girl when her family was still in Saudi Arabia. Having no playmates and always left at home, she was always encouraged to sing by her mom. And Carol eventually found out that she's into singing, too. When she and her family went back home to the Philippines, she was always requested to sing in social gatherings and she soon found herself immersed in the world of show-business.


She enjoys singing a lot. It's not because she wanted to become an "artista" (movie artist or celebrity). She was never really interested in becoming one. She just enjoys singing, acting and dancing, considering them all as a hobby--something she did part-time because she was prioritizing her studies. Unfortunately, her brother was killed and her father critically injured by carbon monoxide poisoning (they were napping in their car, with the engine running to operate the air conditioner, while waiting at a mall), and the things which she had considered a hobby became her source of income; and she had to give up school.