Check out the most popular Filipino music bands in the Philippines as well as up and coming Pinoy bands. New bands are added daily. All bands have their songs uploaded by other members on the GrooveNet Music page.
Famous Filipino Bands
Mañalac serves as the band's frontman. Contrary to popular belief, the band is not named after him. In fact, he had some trouble agreeing upon the name of the band for it is named after him. According to Ira Cruz, the guitarist, the word bamboo relates to strength and durability with an island feel to it.    Read More >>
Their name, Cueshé, is a portmanteau of "Cue" meaning banana cue; a local street food consisting of skewered caramel-coated bananas, and the pronoun "shé" (pronounced shay), was named after their former vocalist, who is female. In their earlier days as a show band in Cebu, the band would practice at the bedroom of their drummer Mike Manaloto - their first rehearsal studio.    Read More >>
Six Cycle Mind
6 Cycle Mind (or Six Cycle Mind) is a Filipino music band composed of Ney Dimaculangan on lead vocals, Rye Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backup vocals, Chuck Isidro on lead guitars, Bob Caamo on bass and Tutti Caringal on drums. 6 Cycle Minds music is a fusion of alternative music and pop music with a number of OPM songs.    Read More >>
On the first quarter of 2005, Hale released their first single Broken Sonnet along with their self-titled debut album. It was not until their second single The Day You Said Goodnight that Hale stared to gain attention from music aficionados around the Philippines.    Read More >>
Silent Sanctuary
Silent Sanctuary never fails to capture first their audiences attention then their hearts. Their repertoire offers a variety of songs destined to make one ride a rollercoaster of emotions from the exhilaration of loving to the melancholy of heartbreak, from the delight of a summer day to the misery of a dark gloomy night.    Read More >>
Sugarfree is a sleeper little famous band that is quite known for huge, almost anthemic hits. They first burst into the mainstream with the highly successful single, “Telepono,” which is included in the critically and commercially successful debut album, “Sa Wakas.”    Read More >>
From the record label that produced the country's top great bands like Cueshé, 6cyclemind, and Brownman Revival, Sony BMG Music Entertainment introduces another discovery that will set another trend in the music scene in the band Callalily armed with their debut album Destination XYZ.    Read More >>
Brownman Revival
Perhaps one of the most enduring and familiar legacies to come out of the Caribbean shores would be that sensational dance-rhythm phenomenon born in the late 60’s, accented with a delirious and bewildering backbeat known as reggae.    Read More >>
Monty is the hefty frontman of the band and is definitely a large person so Mayonnaise does get recognized and remembered because of this not-quite-tiny detail. But after the fact lies what the audience take home with them after watching Mayonnaise perform - guitar-driven tunes with ultra-catchy hooks and compelling lyrics.    Read More >>
M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Momma Proud), is one of the fave acoustic acts in the country today. The band plays smooth soothing renditions, that would surely heighten your appetite for good acoustic music.    Read More >>
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