Band Details
Genre: Alternative rock
Years Active: 1993 - present
Label: Universal Records
Website: Parokya ni Edgar Site
Members: Alfonso "Chito" Miranda, Jr.
Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses
Darius Gerard "Dariuken" Semaña
Gabrielle Ignatius "Gab" Chee-Kee

Ferdinand "Din Din" Moreno

Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner
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About Parokya ni Edgar

Naming themselves Comic Relief, the band members were originally composed of three vocalists and two guitarists - Seth Aguda, Christian Bas, JC DE VILLERES, a certain Miko and Jerick. Their after-school jamming honed their musical skills, making themselves worthy enough to deserve the opening number for an Eraserheads concert. This "break" made the band members decide to add a drummer and a bassist, enter Dindin Moreno and Buhawi Meneses. This same performance marked the change of the band's name to Parokya ni Edgar. After high school, two of their members,

Jerick and Miko pursued other interests and left the band. Far from being discouraged, the remaining band members invited to their fold guitarist Darius Semaña.


The name was said to have been derived from an old classroom joke involving the main character in Noli Me Tangere, one of their school subjects.

The band soon started playing at the legendary local band hub, Club Dredd. Coming out during the height of the Pinoy rock explosion, with the Filipino rock community giving into the influence of foreign bands, especially grunge acts such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Parokya ni Edgar stood out as the band that played like no other. Their jokes, silly antics, and outrageous performances paved way to the popularity that they currently enjoy.

Eventually, the late Bella Dy Tan, managing director of Universal Records signed them up as contract artist after viewing a gig at Club Dredd. Soon their initial recordings such as Buloy, Trip and Lutong Bahay were heard all over the air waves across the nation. Their first album, Khangkhungkherrnitz became a triple platinum hit.


Though they still remain very active in their musical efforts, their unmatched staying power in the Philippine recording scene already is garnering favorable critical comments on their band achievements. The secret of their success is centered on Chito Miranda's musical and band leadership. He is the core that keeps everybody in the band together. All music and artistic ideas pass thru his judgement, filtering it which often is up to date to the taste and reception of their audience. They seem to be making fun of themselves and easy-going but close associates and friends of the band point out that this band persona is actually calculated and to a certain extent planned. The humor and relentless technique of self-immolation shall be the hallmark of their musical contributions.

They now make commercial Jingles, campaign jingles for politician and novelty songs which in direct line of Lito Camo, Philippines most iconic novelty song maker. They can also be invited at childrens party and stag party