Band Details
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Years Active: 2002 - Present
Label: Sony BMG (Philippines)
Website: None
Members: Ney Dimaculangan
Rye Sarmiento
Chuck Isidro
Bob Caamo
Tutti Caringal
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About Six Cyclemind

6 Cycle Mind (or Six Cycle Mind) is a Filipino music band composed of Ney Dimaculangan on lead vocals, Rye Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backup vocals, Chuck Isidro on lead guitars, Bob Caamo on bass and Tutti Caringal on drums. 6 Cycle Minds music is a fusion of alternative music and pop music with a number of OPM songs. They have successfully released three albums under Sony BMG Records Philippines, Permission to Shine (2003), Panorama (2005), Home (2007). 6cyclemind comes from the 5 members plus their manager, Darwin Hernandez as the 6th person.

Collectively, they all contribute to the composing, arranging and brainstorming, which is a continuous cycle in their creation of music, hence 6cyclemind. Carlos "Chuck" Isidro was the former lead guitarist for Afterimage. When Afterimage disbanded, Chuck, worked in recording company. During his stay, he signed up a group managed by Darwin Hernandez. Both of them talked and chose to form a band by adding members, which became 6cyclemind.