Filipino 3D Virtual Chat World for the Philippines
FREE online 3D virtual interactive Filipino avatar chat community where you can hang out with Filipino friends, meet Filipinos online, shop and even play games in multiple 3D environments

Experience the most natural way to avatar chat online!
It´s time to upgrade from boring Filipino chat rooms in the Philippines with faceless chatters to the Filipino virtual world of There Philippines. Now you can avatar chat with full-featured emoticons (smileys), express yourself, flirt and even kiss! Be part of the Philippines first and only online virtual gimmick!
Discover a new world of Filipino online social networking!
Tired of meeting your Filipino friends friends on online social networking and Filipino community sites while they are not online when you are With There Philippines 3D online virtual world, you can meet new people,
explore and join discussions, while adding to you friend’s list, all in live time with online Filipino friends!
Join Filipino friends online and meet new Filipinos in the Philippines!
Move away from groups on simple Filipino discussion boards or Pinoy forums or where members leave occasional messages. In There Philippines virtual world, you can easily find people who share the same interests as you and create or join existing groups. Participate in activities with other members such as Paintball,
Buggy races or even a game of Spades.

GrooveNet´s 3D virtual world is the perfect place to replace the following Filipino & Pinoy chat rooms and forums: Manila Forums & Chat Rooms, Cebu Forums & Chat Rooms, Davao Forums & Chat Rooms, Baguio Forums & Chat Rooms

It is time for Filipinos in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Baguio forums & chat rooms to upgrade to 3D chat and find new friends and singles in the Philippines!!!

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